Real Estate in Istanbul

Currently Istanbul is seen as one of the hottest real estate markets worldwide. In addition to the high existing demand from the domestic market, the market is booming with the added international demand for the last five years.

Istanbul is attracting local and international investors with its high, stable rate of appreciation of house prices for the last years. Prices are increasing between 8 to 12 percent yearly. For that reason, buying a property in Istanbul is seen as a risk-free investment.

Istanbul’s young and large population is a big opportunity for those who want to rent their properties. High rental yield with returns above %6 to %10 can be expected depending on the property and its location.

We recommend our clients to invest in on-going projects at earlier construction stages if possible in order to maximize their return on investments. Renting the property after the completion, selling it with the right price at the right time, avoiding the taxes in legal ways with our professional consultation will make the most of your profits.

Special Property Requests

Whether you are looking for lands or commercial units for sale, we are ready to assist you. After we hear back from you, we will send you the best proposals that fit your requirements and expectations.

Besides this, By Erturan will be the right address for you if you are looking for resale properties as well. Just let us know in which location exactly you are looking for a property. Let us work on it, contact the local estate agents for you and bring the offers to your side.

Lastly, we are ready to help you for finding a suitable property with great sea view with our professional guidance, too.

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